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Event Management
Event Management
Unboxed innovative event solutions

We offer creative and comprehensive approach of telling the story of your brand, product or business through events.
We work with our clients to understand the message they wish to communicate. We then provide an unboxed innovative event solution.

Conference Venue

Event venue booking and hall planning arrangements.

Hotel Accommodation

Accommodation arrangements for your guests.


Catering include a pre-selected option offering excellent quality and variety during the event.


A dinner can be arranged for your VIP guests as your courtesy act.

Content Development

Formatting of Promotional documents describing the objectives of every event.

Landing page Design & Testing

Design of event landing pages with an online registration system.

Social Media Consulting & Management

Content strategy development for social media channels.

Communication & Advertisement

    • Official announcement of the meeting, event campaigns, invitations – sent by E-Mail to targeted recipients
    • Advertisement plan (magazines, newspapers and news websites) promoting the event to the local, regional and international network

Printing Material

    • Brochure
    • Roll-up Banners
    • Printing of the participants name badges
    • Printing of the scientific program in a pre-determined format
    • Printing of the certificates of attendance with names printed on them
    • Printing of folders for participants